Quality Control Technician

Quality control technicians ensure that processed and manufactured food products are produced safely and follow quality standards. They perform day-to-day quality control activities, such as internal audits, recommend corrective actions, perform checks on production lines and test in-progress products in the laboratory.

What Responsibilities Will I Have?

  • Inspect raw materials and ensure they adhere to quality standards
  • Conduct daily audits on good manufacturing practices (GMPs)
  • Perform biological swabbing, product sampling and allergen/species testing
  • Conduct in-lab testing of products to ensure finished product specifications
  • Place products on hold if they do not adhere to food safety or quality standards
  • Assist during third-party audits, being available for questions and documentation
  • Ensure operations paperwork is completed correctly
  • Conduct sensory evaluations on raw materials for in-process and finished products (e.g., taste, color, odor)
  • Calibrate and verify lab equipment
  • Work collaboratively with production staff to ensure product is manufactured according to standards
  • Assist in customer complaint investigations
  • Complete paperwork and other reporting tasks including trend analysis, shift reports and nonconformance
  • Perform quality control checks such as correct packaging and weight
  • Support production staff with questions about food quality and safety
  • Keep office and laboratory spaces clean and sanitary
  • Follow and comply with all safety regulations

Recommended High School Courses:

  • agricultural education
  • mathematics
  • chemistry
  • biology
  • family and consumer sciences

Education/Training Required:

An associate or bachelor’s degree in agricultural science, biology, microbiology, food science, chemistry or a related degree is needed to become a quality control technician. Food safety certifications may be needed for specialization to implement certain food safety regulations.

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