Career Focus Areas

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Agribusiness Systems

Connect the business world and agriculture with a variety of diverse careers.

Agriculture Technology Systems

Using technology in a variety of fields to increase yield, efficiency, and profitability.

Animal Systems

Work directly with animals or with products that come from animals.

Biotechnology Systems

Enhance plants, animals and microorganisms to help solve global issues.

Environmental Service Systems

Combine science and engineering to make Earth a cleaner and healthier place.

Food Products and Processing Systems

Work with the physical, chemical and biological make-up of foods.

Natural Resources Systems

Develop, maintain and manage Earth's natural environments.

Plant Systems

Understand plants and explore how they impact our world.

Power, Structural and Technical Systems

Apply technology and science while working with equipment.

Skilled Trades Systems

The application of specialized knowledge, abilities, and hands-on skills.

Sustainability Systems

Looking at a balance between economic concerns and impact to the environment.

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