Parts Manager

Parts managers maintain efficient and proper parts for agricultural equipment and related goods. They will operate the department at maximum production while controlling costs, maintaining inventory records, and providing warranty and service support.

What Responsibilities Will I Have?

  • Have knowledge of company parts inventory
  • Monitor parts stock levels and order additional inventory if required
  • Suggest to management ways to improve inventory costs
  • Set and approve warranty and service-policy matters
  • Write and maintain purchase orders
  • Ensure technical information, upgrades and recalls are effectively managed
  • Analyze sales, expenses and inventory monthly
  • Assist in the management of dealer and technical representative service
  • Verify quantities received against quantities shipped on packaging slips
  • Be responsible for ensuring progress on preventative care
  • Set the priorities for service and customer care actions
  • Serve as a communicator between the customer and service staff
  • Seek out and develop key relationships with vendors, suppliers and manufacturers

Recommended High School Courses:

  • agricultural education, particularly agricultural mechanics
  • mathematics
  • business
  • computer skills

Education/Training Required:

A high school diploma is required. Technical knowledge of agriculture or construction equipment is a plus, which may be obtained through an associate degree. Additional experience working as a sales associate at a parts facility is usually required.

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