Swine Nursery Farm Worker

Swine nursery farm workers are responsible for the daily care and maintenance of newly weaned piglets to ensure optimal growth at an early age in the pig’s life. They also assist in breeding programs including artificial inseminations and synchronization and help identify sick animals and work with veterinarians to determine proper treatment.

What Responsibilities Will I Have?

  • Maintain barn temperature and ventilation equipment and controls
  • Prepare feed formulations to meet the changing nutritional needs of young pigs
  • Perform pen management, culling, sorting and safety procedures
  • Report potential or existing problems to production supervisor or assistant production supervisor
  • Identify sick animals and determine proper treatment or contact a veterinarian
  • Administer vaccinations and medications as directed by a veterinary medical professional
  • Unload/sort weaned pigs according to weekly schedules
  • Maintain and assist in the development and cleanliness of the farm including fences and barns
  • Maintain proper cleaning and sanitization of equipment, troubleshoot problems and complete repairs as needed
  • Be responsible for accurate and timely record keeping of nursery activities
  • Perform euthanasia according to company policy and in a timely manner

Recommended High School Courses:

  • agricultural education, especially animal science
  • biology
  • mathematics
  • chemistry

Education/Training Required:

Although it is not required, an associate or bachelor’s degree in animal science or animal husbandry would be helpful.

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