Poultry Farm Worker

Poultry farm employees assist in daily operations and duties on the farm. This can include checking birds, collecting eggs and feeding. They assist in breeding programs and maintaining the house and watering/heating system as needed. Poultry farm employees must utilize high standards of biosecurity and animal welfare at all times.

What Responsibilities Will I Have?

  • Prepare, mix, measure and distribute daily feed rations and ensure birds have access to food and water
  • Identify sick or injured animals and determine proper treatment or contact a veterinarian
  • Utilize proper biosecurity standards when entering and exiting houses
  • Assist with egg collection, washing and sorting (on a layer farm)
  • Assist with the packaging and containment of eggs (on a layer farm)
  • Control temperature of houses for ultimate bird comfort
  • Conduct maintenance on the house and watering/heating system as needed
  • Control house lighting to meet bird needs
  • Maintain high standards of animal welfare at all times
  • Operate and maintain farm machinery and equipment

Recommended High School Courses:

  • agricultural education, particularly animal science
  • biology
  • mathematics
  • chemistry

Education/Training Required:

A high school diploma is required. Although it is not always required, an associate degree in animal science or animal husbandry would be recommended for an administrative position including operations manager.

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