Organizational Development Manager

Organizational development managers are responsible for leading the processes that improve an organization’s capability through the alignment of strategy, people, rewards, metrics and management processes. They assess company culture by examining their company culture and use that information to design and implement developmental initiatives. These initiatives may include improving employee training, improving an organization’s operations or improving company culture.

What Responsibilities Will I Have?

  • Develop the strategy and planning of an organization’s development policies
  • Assist human resources staff on employee training and communications within teams
  • Analyze and understand company culture
  • Assess business procedures, practices and utilization of resources
  • Determine causes for performance gaps
  • Assist with an organization’s strategic planning
  • Identify areas where the organization could improve
  • Monitor and communicate project schedules
  • Interview personnel and assist in personal development
  • Provide coaching to managers on leadership skills
  • Identify and evaluate appropriate relationships with external vendors, consultants and partners
  • Consult with management on performance and organizational and leadership matters
  • Research and recommend solutions based on stakeholder feedback, market trends, technology and best practices
  • Create process documentation, project reporting and communication initiatives

Recommended High School Courses:

  • agricultural education
  • mathematics
  • communication
  • personal finance
  • business
  • English

Education/Training Required:

Organizational development managers typically need a bachelor’s degree in a business field such as agribusiness, organizational development, human resources or a related discipline. Although not as common, they may also have degrees in education, social science, psychology and communications. For this type of management role, employers typically require five years of experience in staff development, human resources and/or instructional design.