Extension Youth Program Coordinator

Extension youth program coordinators work as academic staff members of a county extension office, typically overseeing county 4-H clubs and youth development programs. They provide leadership, guidance and opportunities for area youth in local agriculture, their 4-H club and community.

What Responsibilities Will I Have?

  • Organize community resources in support of the development of area youth, particularly 4-H members
  • Oversee and assist county or regional 4-H chapters and clubs
  • Coordinate and facilitate extension and outreach programs involving K-12 students, including workshops, after-school activities, youth mentoring, special interest programs, summer camps, day camps and other activities consisting of a variety of topics and themes
  • Assess activities and ensure that programming is meeting desired needs of participants and other parties of interest
  • Prepare and submit county 4-H development program plans, annual reports and other required reports
  • Promote 4-H and youth development programs to groups and area families to encourage and boost membership
  • Create and distribute marketing and communications materials about upcoming events and initiatives
  • Provide leadership for county, district and state learning activities, including livestock shows, judging contests, public speaking, educational presentations, etc.
  • Manage 4-H competitions, including county fair events
  • Serve on and attend 4-H committee and council meetings
  • Recruit, guide and supervise volunteers for large activities and fundraisers
  • Build long-term relationships with 4-H leaders, farmers, community members, stakeholders, relevant businesses and other potential area supporters and decision makers
  • Budget and manage finances related to activities and expenses

Recommended High School Courses:

  • agricultural education
  • consumer and family sciences
  • health
  • physical education
  • art
  • English
  • computer skills
  • No matter the class, a focus on sciences and mathematics is necessary.

Education/Training Required:

A variety of bachelor’s degrees may qualify an individual to work as an extension youth program coordinator, but recommended degrees include agricultural education, education, agriculture, agricultural communications or agricultural business. A master’s degree may be beneficial but is not required.

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