Diversity and Inclusion Lead

A diversity and inclusion (D&I) lead is responsible for creating and implementing plans that promote and support diversity and inclusion for an organization. Diversity is involving people from a range of different backgrounds. Inclusion is appreciating differences while creating a welcoming and accepting workplace. D&I leads tailor diversity communications and messaging to diverse audiences and actively communicate with all staff members for their input on the development of policies and strategies. The diversity and inclusion lead will perform research and analysis to create effective strategies that are evidence based and produce positive outcomes for employees.

What Responsibilities Will I Have?

  • Promote and support diversity and inclusion within an organization
  • Manage the development, implementation and evaluation of diversity and inclusion plans
  • Perform research and analysis on strategies to test their effectiveness
  • Demonstrate inclusive behavior and show respect for diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives
  • Address noninclusive behaviors, practices and attitudes within the organization
  • Work with outside consultants
  • Provide expert advice and make recommendations to upper management on policies and practices
  • Lead related professional development and educational initiatives
  • Assist with new staff hiring initiatives, advising on D&I matters throughout the process
  • Create materials that collect data such as surveys and interviews with employees
  • Oversee project team members and support staff
  • Ensure that financial implications of changed priorities are budgeted for
  • Coordinate and implement multiple D&I initiatives
  • Show sensitivity and understanding in resolving conflicts and differences

Recommended High School Courses:

  • agricultural education
  • English
  • mathematics
  • statistics
  • communications
  • journalism
  • family and consumer sciences

Education/Training Required:

A diversity and inclusion lead typically has a bachelor’s degree in agricultural communications, social sciences, agricultural leadership, human resources or a related field with a focus on equity, inclusion, disability studies, research or law. Due to the nature of this role, it is essential to have three to five years of related experience developing and promoting equity, diversity and inclusion. Higher degrees and research in diversity, equity and inclusion will make a candidate more competitive.