Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists are responsible for creating and maintaining a positive company brand for both employees and clientele. They work closely with managers in the process of company actions to ensure maximum exposure and positive relations with the public. Additionally, they research and integrate industry news and trends into public relation practices and programs for the benefit of the business.

What Responsibilities Will I Have?

  • Prepare internal and external communications
  • Build and maintain relationships with key local and trade media
  • Provide support as a media liaison and write media releases, speeches and promotional materials
  • Create public relations opportunities and media coaching for employees
  • Work with clients, advertising agencies, media and suppliers
  • Work closely with function managers for product launches
  • Report on and monitor media coverage
  • Promote positive issues and address negative issues
  • Assist with the management of incidents that arise
  • Develop public relation plans supporting new product launches, clinical programs and corporate news
  • Research and integrate relevant industry news, trends and compelling angles to use in practices and programs
  • Collaborate with teams to support and execute multi-stage communication plans and campaigns across a variety of channels and audiences

Recommended High School Courses:

  • agricultural education
  • business
  • communications
  • journalism
  • art
  • mathematics

Education/Training Required:

A bachelor’s degree in agricultural business, agricultural communications, public relations, marketing, journalism, communications or business administration is required.

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