Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is responsible for overseeing the company’s entire marketing department. Working alongside the marketing, sales and communications teams, marketing managers lead the development of the marketing strategy. They oversee content creation and optimization of industry best practices (a group of tasks or actions that are the most efficient, effective or standard in a field to get desired results) in order to meet the company’s marketing goals. They constantly analyze data and review marketing performance to evaluate the success of marketing efforts and adjust when necessary.

What Responsibilities Will I Have?

  • Lead collaboration between the marketing, sales and communications teams
  • Develop, execute and manage the overall marketing strategy for the organization
  • Oversee the creation of print (magazine, newspaper, etc.) and digital (social media, email, website, etc.) content for channels and determine distribution plans
  • Measure and report performance of all marketing campaigns and assess ROI (return on investment) and KPIs (key performance indicators) to recommend future actions
  • Conduct market research on products and services offered by the company and the competition
  • Develop and adhere to a marketing budget
  • Utilize paid advertising and organic (free content) media opportunities
  • Work with all other functions of the business to carry out business goals
  • Optimize content according to search engine optimization (SEO) best practices and given strategies
  • Identify target audience (customers) and determine the best way to reach new or existing audiences
  • Oversee and create new marketing and advertising activities and opportunities
  • Plan and coordinate events such as trainings, meetings, conferences and trade shows

Recommended High School Courses:

  • agricultural education
  • business
  • accounting
  • art
  • design
  • statistics
  • journalism
  • public speaking

Education/Training Required:

A bachelor’s degree in agribusiness, marketing, agricultural communications or a related field is required. Relevant certifications such as a digital marketing certification, marketing boot camps or industry experience will make a candidate more competitive.