Logistics & Supply Chain Management/Director of Supply Chain

A position in logistics and supply chain management is responsible for providing leadership to supply chain management teams at a company. People employed in these supply chain management positions develop strategies to better improve the efficiency and the quality of company’s supply chain system (the movement of products in and out of a company) by collecting and analyzing data. They are accountable for ensuring that production facilities have enough materials and inventory and that teams are efficiently moving products out of facilities.

What Responsibilities Will I Have?

  • Manage logistics plans including road, rail and coastal shipping
  • Manage supply chain teams including logistics, transport and some production aspects to ensure a stable company supply chain
  • Review sources of supply
  • Evaluate service provider contracts
  • Develop plans to ensure the path of least cost
  • Utilize freight and product storage contracts
  • Manage the delivery and receivable schedules
  • Manage product deficiencies
  • Set guidelines to ensure that goods purchased are of the quality specified
  • Undertake major contract negotiations within the approved pricing policy
  • Utilize measurement processes to schedule service
  • Address issues if schedules are not kept
  • Budget responsibly for the department
  • Work with the logistics team for agreed timing of services

Recommended High School Courses:

  • agricultural education
  • business
  • personal finance
  • science
  • mathematics

Education/Training Required:

A bachelor’s degree in supply chain management and other business-related degrees are appropriate. Some jobs may require a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Experience working in supply chain management is typically required prior to entering this managerial role.

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