Career Counselor/Career Services Coordinator

Career services professionals are responsible for preparing and facilitating career preparation programs for students in either secondary or collegiate educational atmospheres. They help students determine what their abilities and interests are so that they can direct them in long-term career goals. These professionals also bring awareness to careers students might not be familiar with.

What Responsibilities Will I Have?

  • Design and implement career preparation activities, resources and events for students involving the job search, resume writing, interviewing, professional dress, etc.
  • Regularly communicate career and internship opportunities to students
  • Develop and maintain a website and/or social media for students to access career and internship opportunities and information
  • Plan and coordinate career fairs
  • Meet with students to discuss career opportunities and preparation
  • Answer students’ questions regarding employment and placement
  • Oversee student placement into internships for credit
  • Serve as a liaison between educational institutions and potential agricultural employers
  • Develop and cultivate relationships with potential employers through various methods such as cold calling, mailing, networking and site visits
  • Communicate with school faculty to incorporate career activities into their classes and curriculum
  • Partner with other offices or departments on campus to promote career services programming
  • Analyze and publish student employment data to ensure success of placement efforts
  • Monitor requests from employers looking to hire students in the community and surrounding areas
  • Participate in departmental and program advising meetings
  • Remain up to date on new potential employers, career development news and trends

Recommended High School Courses:

  • agricultural education
  • English
  • business
  • communications
  • mathematics

Education/Training Required:

A bachelor’s (master’s is preferred) degree in agriculture, agricultural education, agricultural communications, agricultural business, education, counseling or a related field is required to work as a career counselor.