Advisor: Government/ Stakeholder Relations

Advisers work with individuals, groups or organizations to advise them on policy, regulation and current legislative affairs. If possible, they work to ensure their employer’s needs are heard and met by policy. They will also work to build and maintain relationships with constituents and other policymakers to expand their company’s network of contacts and resources.

What Responsibilities Will I Have?:

  • Serve as an expert on agricultural and legislative topics
  • Inform relevant company departments of recent legislative action and how they might impact their operations
  • Conduct research on topics relevant to the policies being developed
  • Work to build and maintain relationships with government, political parties, stakeholders and agricultural networks
  • Research, analyze and interpret regulatory data and information to make program recommendations
  • Read reports and policies and note areas of concern
  • Spend time with stakeholders to better understand their needs
  • Schedule and preside over meetings relevant to the area of interest
  • Prepare communication plans, briefing documents and speaking notes for appearances before government and legislative committees or before company management
  • Guide, direct, set standards and monitor performance of office staff
  • Train, teach and/or mentor others with an interest in policy
  • Identify partners and external organizations to form working relationships with
  • Remain up to date on global issues (regulatory, trade, disease, etc.) that could affect legislation and company operations

Recommended High School Courses:

The following high school courses are recommended:

  • agricultural education
  • writing
  • business
  • government
  • economics
  • computer skills

Education/Training Required:

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in agricultural economics, agricultural communications, political science, finance, business or public administration is required. Some individuals who serve as an adviser go to law school and obtain their J.D., but it is not required.

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