Agriculture Journalist

Agriculture journalists report and write stories that are relevant to those in agriculture, but stories may also be seen by readers outside of agriculture. Agriculture journalists plan and produce web and print articles that report current trends in agriculture and share the stories of agriculturists while researching and verifying the data and sources in their stories.

Agriculture journalists cover a wide range of topics, including agriculture news, events, markets and education. When you’re an agriculture journalist, you may write stories about pathogen outbreaks, fairs, conventions, expos, farming practices, agriculture policy, weather and much more.

What Responsibilities Will I Have?

  • Plan and produce web and print articles that interpret events or offer opinions
  • Gather detailed information about newsworthy events from interviews, printed matter, investigations and observations
  • Develop and maintain relationships with credible news sources
  • Create special reports as needed
  • Assist in shaping the editorial calendar for the publication
  • Provide thoughtful analysis of complex issues
  • Collaborate with others in the editorial team
  • Use social media to push stories, build traffic on social channels and distribute content
  • Proofread material for accuracy, which may involve working with experts for accuracy and appropriateness
  • Photograph or videotape events or story subjects
  • Research technical information from reference materials such as books, manuals, news files and public records
  • Communicate with readers, viewers, advertisers and the public via mail, email or telephone
  • Assist in designing the layout of publications
  • Write headlines and photo captions

Recommended High School Courses:

  • agricultural education
  • writing
  • English
  • journalism
  • computer skills

Education/Training Required:

A bachelor’s degree in communications, English, journalism or agricultural communications is required. Strong computer and Microsoft Office skills are needed. Photography and basic video skills are a plus.

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