Research Scientist

Research scientists develop and hypothesize scientific experiments that help solve problems across agricultural sectors. Either in a laboratory setting or out in the field, these professionals will carry out experiments, analyze data and develop reports based on the conclusions they have discovered. Research scientists collaborate with other scientists by attending conferences, talking with colleagues and presenting their results.

What Responsibilities Will I Have?

  • Develop scientific studies and research hypotheses for research projects and investigations
  • Have a specialized knowledge in the research that you are studying
  • Prepare proposals to secure research funding
  • Perform experimental design and statistical analysis
  • Make observations and take notes during experimentation
  • Keep lab station clean and organized
  • Prepare presentations and technical reports to communicate results
  • Supervise and mentor junior staff
  • Ensure that all scientific experiments follow safety, environmental and corporate regulations
  • Present presentations and posters on research findings at conferences
  • Collaborate with other scientists
  • Stay up to date with the latest research and published papers in the field
  • Conduct reviews of scientific literature and apply findings to research
  • Submit research to academic journals and publishers

Recommended High School Courses:

  • agricultural education
  • mathematics
  • statistics
  • biology
  • chemistry
  • Spanish
  • business
  • computer skills

Education/Training Required:

A bachelor’s degree in the field of research you are specializing in is required. For example, a weed scientist would need a degree in chemistry, crop science, agronomy, soil science or a related field. Some positions require high-level expertise, especially those in specialized fields that require a master’s or doctorate degree.

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