Harvesters and pickers are responsible for the care and harvesting of produce such as fruits and vegetables on farms. They will harvest produce based on size, weight and ripeness and transfer it to containers or trays for further processing. A harvester/picker may also be responsible for tending to crops, which requires a high degree of care that could include planting, weeding and pruning.

What Responsibilities Will I Have?

  • Pick produce in an organized manner
  • Select and pick produce according to size, weight and ripeness
  • Discard rotting and overripe produce
  • Sort, weigh and pack fruit and vegetables at the farm
  • Load, unload and transfer crates, supplies and farm produce for transport
  • Clean up racks, trays and harvest bins
  • Ensure general cleanliness of growing, producing and packing areas
  • Assist with general farm maintenance and maintenance of equipment and tools
  • Adhere to all food safety practices and good agricultural practices in daily work
  • Mark the locations where produce has already been picked
  • Care for plants as instructed and assigned, including pruning, pest scouting and weeding
  • Write daily progress reports of inventory harvested
  • Safely and responsibly use hand tools such as trowels, hoes and pruning shears

Recommended High School Courses:

  • agricultural education
  • agricultural mechanics
  • business
  • personal finance
  • plant science
  • biology
  • animal science

Education/Training Required:

No formal education is required to become a fruit picker.

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