Construction Foreman

A construction foreman constructs agricultural buildings and structures, such as barns, sheds, grain bins, mills, plants, elevators and more.

What Responsibilities Will I Have?

  • Lead a team to complete construction projects
  • Perform repairs and service work on the structure or building equipment
  • Ensure quality and cost standards set by company or building owner are met in a timely manner
  • Participate in project planning, scope, assessments, layout and other details as needed
  • Communicate progress, issues and solutions to supervisor or stakeholders throughout the construction process
  • Explain, execute and sign contracts with any subcontractors involved
  • Execute daily management of excavators, concrete crews, framers, electricians and equipment installers
  • Receive and verify material shipments are of correct quantities and quality
  • Submit accurate and timely project reports
  • Guarantee all safety precautions and quality standards are met
  • Complete purchase orders, inventory documents and time sheets

Recommended High School Courses:

  • agricultural education, especially agricultural mechanics
  • industrial technology
  • welding
  • computer skills
  • mathematics

Education/Training Required:

A high school diploma is required, but an associate degree in a relevant field — such as carpentry, construction equipment operation, power technology or building systems — is preferred. Typically, professionals with experience as a construction worker or an apprentice will be more likely to attain this level of employment.

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