Animal Caretaker

An animal caretaker is responsible for the overall care of animals and the facilities where animals are housed. Animal caretakers plan, organize, staff, direct and control activities to achieve cost effective production using responsible animal husbandry practices.

What Responsibilities Will I Have?

  • Maintain farm records, such as mortality, individual flock/herd records, maintenance schedules, estimated operating costs and monitoring of animal health/feeding requirements
  • Manage personnel in order to produce a quality product in an efficient manner
  • Responsible for the coordination of information and communication between all personnel
  • Identify and improve all areas of operation efficiencies
  • Work closely with contract growers to ensure that procedures and processes are consistent with the overall goals of the organization
  • Direct relations with all governmental regulatory agencies and management and resolution of issues
  • Work with all support departments such as quality assurance/quality control, maintenance, human resources and accounting
  • Develop and adhere to operational budgets
  • Provide feedback to management regarding cost of inputs and suggestions for selling price points
  • Perform administrative duties that include team time cards, scheduling, training and safety responsibilities
  • Fulfill animal husbandry duties such as bedding, feeding, watering, medicating, lighting, vaccinating, naturally breeding, artificially inseminating and pregnancy checking

Recommended High School Courses:

  • agricultural education, especially veterinary science
  • mathematics
  • sciences focused on animal science and biology

Education/Training Required:

A degree in animal science or a related major is usually required.