Swine Finishing Farm Manager

Swine finishing farm managers manage the daily operations on a farm during the last phase of the grow-out stage (the stage of a market pig’s life where pigs are fed and cared for until they are at a market weight of 280 lbs.) of the pig. They are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the health and growth of the animal in an effective and safe manner. They manage and coordinate farm activities such as animal transportation, care, breeding, vaccination and general care of animals.

What Responsibilities Will I Have?

  • Manage and coordinate farm activities including day-to-day operations and supervision of employees
  • Oversee quality assurance programs that ensure standards are met for safety, quality and team member satisfaction
  • Write, enforce and manage biosecurity plans
  • Stay up to date on innovations and research within the industry
  • Monitor and follow up on every aspect of animal productivity
  • Work with veterinarians to determine treatment of sick and injured animals
  • Order and arrange the shipment of feed
  • Analyze budget requirements for operations to ensure program expenditures meet state and federal requirements.
  • Interact daily with the animals to monitor animal well-being
  • Assign duties and examine work for exactness and conformance to policies and procedures
  • Prepare, review and complete reports
  • Tour all farm departments daily with supervisors
  • Administer and participate in the company safety programs
  • Monitor ventilation and water availability in all barns
  • Directly supervise employees and assist in the ongoing planning and development of staff

Recommended High School Courses:

  • agricultural education, especially animal science
  • mathematics
  • biology
  • chemistry

Education/Training Required:

A bachelor’s degree in animal science is preferred for this job, but it is not necessarily required. Some companies may require a high school diploma or an associate degree in animal science or swine management.