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Leah beyer

U.S. Digital Marketing Communications Leader, Corteva

Learn how Leah Beyer got her unique career and the skills needed to excel in it.


District Sales Manager; Crop Protection, Syngenta

Hear from Tim Hoberty about his role at Syngenta and how he arrived at his career.


Earthmoving Supply Resiliency Manager, Caterpillar, Inc.

Michael Case shares about his role at Caterpillar and how his background helps him in this role.


Manager/Local Store Marketing, Tractor Supply Co.

Hear from Lexie Gamble about her the unique role she plays at Tractor Supply and why she loves what she does.


Customer Training Instructor, Lincoln Electric

Benjamin Bradbury shares about his role with Lincoln Electric and why he is passionate about what he does every day.


Senior Specialist; Future Talent Programs, Merck Animal Health

Hear from Elizabeth Galbreath about her role at Merck Animal Health and how she works with students and future employees to be successful in their future careers.


Marketing Manager, Caterpillar, Inc.

Learn how Dustin Adams got his role with Caterpillar and the skills needed to excel in a similar career.


Senior Vice President of Development, Growth Energy

Learn from Kelly Manning about his innovative career with Growth Energy and the pivotal role he plays in the biofuels industry.

Amy Vincent

Mini Excavator Product Specialist, Caterpillar Inc

Hear from Amy Vincent on her dynamic career and the skills and education needed.

Chris Danner

Transportation Sourcing Analyst, Cargill

Hear from Chris Danner on an exciting career that ensures transportation for product shipment in the salt sector of the industry.

Dr. Clint Pilcher

Global Technical Education Team Lead, Corteva Agriscience

Dr. Clint Pilcher shares his role at Corteva Agriscience and how he arrived at his career.

Dr. Denise Heard

Poultry Veterinarian, U.S. Poultry & Egg Association

Dr. Denise is a poultry veterinarian that serves as the Vice President of research. Hear from her as she describes her path to her career with the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association.

Dr. Ronda Hamm

Global Academic Relations, Corteva Agriscience

Learn about Dr. Ronda Hamm and her role at Corteva Agriscience and how she has arrived to her exciting career in Global Academic Relations.

Farid Shigapov

Welding Engineer, Lincoln Electric

Farid Shigapov shares about the welding industry and why he finds the industry exciting.

William Sharpnack

Global Warranty Team, Caterpillar Inc.

Learn how Will Sharpnack made his way to a dynamic career at Caterpillar, Inc. and the skills needed to be successful.

Ankur anand

Program Manager, Microsoft Excel

Here from Ankur Anand, Program Manager for Microsoft Excel, is working to use technology to assist agriculturalists.

Tim Thompson

Regional Sales Manager, Valent USA

Hear from Tim Thompson and his dynamic career with Valent U.S.A.